Return of the fishwoman

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You never thought you would see me again, did you? You arranged a little party to rejoice my death, did you not? Well, you can throw that cake away, for I have returned! I am back, with more hatred, more aggressions and more madness than ever before. I shall now tell you why I have been absent. My beloved, faithful readers, here it is! The tale of my journey.

I woke up. It was early morning; 05:48, if I remember correctly. I usually wake up with a bad feeling in the morning; anxiety, anger, fear or anything of that kind. A feeling that makes me want to stay in bed all day, keeping to myself to avoid whatever it is that makes me feel bad. If I do get up it is to feed my fish, stare at fridge in hatred, or to make big holes in the couch. Once in a while I make a phonecall to talk to my newphew whom I've never really cared for. He seldom answers me nowadays, I assume he's busy with his homework. He's only eleven years old, but he studies a lot, that annoying know-it-all. I can see him sitting in his ugly, little room with his curly, red hair and crooked nose. Of course, this is only how I imagine he would look; I have never actually met him. I am not allowed to visit my relatives. 

However, that early morning I felt something else. I was certain something was about to change, something that would change me forever. Was it a pleasant feeling? Did it make me eager to leave the bed? I cannot really tell. After a while of considering this strange feeling I decided to get up. I even got dressed (which partly was because I had recieved complaints from the neighboors) and when I, as always, headed for the fishbowl to feed my fish, I saw it. Felix had died. 


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