My miserable merry-go-round

Jag tänkte bara dela med mig av en liten låt som jag skrev 2013. Varsågoda. 
Time goes by, I'm growing older
but none the wiser
Who said we learn from our mistakes?
Who said the heart heals after it breaks?
Did those people live by their own rules?
and had they met someone like me?
Let go of my hands
I don't want to hold you, like this
Don't give me your heart to hold
I will drop it, 'cause my hands are slippery
and I drop things very easily
Your trust in me feels heavier than chains
and your love runs like poison in my veins
All I care for is to fulfill my every wish
Oh, he didn't lie when he called me selfish
Time and time again, people don't change
Not people like me
But hold my hand
I don't want to be alone, this night
Hold my hands
Don't let go, come sink with me and be just as low
You know me better than anyone else
Then again, maybe not at all
I don't deserve what you think I do
But God, I need you to
Tell me I will learn how to heal
Tell me I'll have something real
Hold my hands
Tell me anything, any old lie will do
Teach me how to live
Guide me off this lonely street
Help me be complete